Still Life with Vase

As part of our continuing exploration of art genres, the kids created still life paintings. The simple definition that I gave the kids for a still life was 'a picture of things on a table'.

We looked at still life paintings on the television monitor and the kids were asked to find what common things were in each one. They came up with flowers, vases, fruits, tables, table cloths, and a background as some of their answers.

We looked at photos of flowers on the television monitor and the kids created an arrangement of flowers in their vase by observing the various shapes of petals that flowers have. This is the part of the lesson that I think of as 'filling the well'. This gives the kids an idea to start with. As far as painting the flowers goes, they could use any colors they wished to use. They didn't have to use the same colors as the flower photographs on the TV.

Then the kids created a composition of fruit on the table. The goal for painting the fruit was to use three different color values on each piece. The pieces of fruit look three dimensional because they have a light side, a dark shadowy side and a medium value in the middle. The grapes were especially fun to paint, because the medium blue-violet value just looks stunning when you paint with it.