Frog Paintings

Frogs in the rain forest of South America have something in common with skunks. They both have high contrast body colors. They can afford to stand out in nature because they both have very serious chemical protections they use to keep them from being eaten by predators. The frog has a poison chemical in its skin. The skunk sprays a nasty odor on would be predators. Since both of these defense mechanisms are so effective, both frogs and skunks can afford to contrast with their environments. Their colorations serve as a visual warning "Don't mess with me."

Students in 2nd grade already created clay skunks. Now they are creating frog paintings that have high contrast patterns made of organic shapes. An organic shape is a shape that has wiggly edges and looks like an organism under a microscope. The patterns on the poison frogs contain many organic shapes. They are drawing their color and shape references from a Poweroint presentation on poison frogs.