Construction Workers

This lesson had many goals.

One was to have the kids learn how artists use observation skills to make something look realistic. We looked at the shapes of our eyes and how our eyes have many parts, the white, the iris, the black pupil and highlights called reflections. We also examined face shapes and how some shapes are more masculine and some are more feminine.

Another objective was to teach the kids how bright colors are used to get attention. The construction workers wear bright colors to keep them safe.

The kids also learned how to make realistic flesh tones by mixing white, brown and a dot of red. They learned how to draw and paint large and how to create different facial expressions and different types of mouths.

This lesson is also related to our unit on community. We read a book called Road Builders. This book shows how a team of road builders each with a specific job works together to build a road for the community.

Pretty good work for a bunch of kids aged 5-7.