In this video I demonstrate how to make inexpensive clay tools for the art room.
Part two of how to make inexpensive tools for the art room or studio.
In this video I discuss how to choose a clay body for your art room. I teach how to make a majolica glaze that works great with lowfire commercial glazes and how to make a shiny acrylic gel medium that sparkles over painted sculptures.
This clay caterpillar is a good lesson for little kids. It gives them the opportunity to make lots of spheres and practice connecting them together.
Hefty styrofoam bowls make great slump molds. Kids love making something in clay that they can use everyday.
Robot Tiles - using paper and slip to create an image on clay. Part one
Part two of the Robot Tile Video
Making an Egyption Mummy Time Capsule - Part one
Part two of the Egyptian Mummy Time Capsule
How to make your own glazes - In this 24 minute video I teach you the basics of mixing your own glazes.
This fun little video is a time lapse of kids in my art class making clay bowls
This is a video of a Nerf rocket launcher I made with my son.
The first clay lesson that I teach to kindergarten kids.