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Nickel Blue

The seed for this glaze recipecame from Rick Pruckler. He has a purple matt glaze that he uses on his tiles. The fluxes from that glaze were used in corner C (glaze #31).

I was surprised to see how sensitive the nickel is to changes in alumina. Glaze #27 is a bright purple color and then when clay is added it turns a deep blue color as seen in glaze #22. A line blend between these two glazes might be an interesting experiment.

This grid is a good illustration of how alumina can kill color in a glaze. The purple glazes near the bottom lose their color as more clay is added. The problem with working with glazes that are in the bottom 2 rows of the grid is that while they have great color, they often want to run off the pot because they are low in alumina. Since Rick uses this purple glaze on tiles, he uses it to its best advantage.

Download the recipes for this grid here.