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Caramel Crystal Glaze #626

I created this grid based on a glaze from Oakland Community College in Royal Oak, Michigan. They have a wonderful glaze called Caramel Crystal #626. I really liked the way their glaze has many tan crystals floating in a brown background. At OCC, they don't slow cool their kilns, but I do. So I knew that I couldn't just use their glaze recipe and get the same results in my kiln. I also didn't want to purchase some of the different frits they use in their glaze, I already have too many different materials I use in my studio. I plugged their unity formula into Glazchem software and recalculated it using the materials I keep on hand in my studio. Then I plugged those materials into corner C of a Currie grid and fired the grid using my slow cool profile.

Download the recipes for this grid here.