This page contains my results of firing Duncan glazes to cone 06 over a white lowfire clay, cone 06 over a terra cotta red clay and then to cone 1 over a majolica base glaze.

In each image the tile on the left was fired on the lowfire white clay to cone 06.
The glaze on the top right of each image was fired to cone 06 over terra cotta clay.
The glaze on the bottom right of each image was fired to cone 1 - a white majolica base was applied first to each terra cotta tile and then the Duncan glaze was brushed over the top.
In the cone pack below I used cones 5 through 11 so that I could find out what temperature a kiln at a local college was firing to. The school was trying to fire to cone 7, but this cone pack shows that the temperature the kiln was actually firing to was cone 9. That's a lot hotter!