Ian Currie Grid Glazes

Jen's Juicy Fruit Variation with 6% Black Iron Oxide Wild Rose Temmoku Post's Calcium Matte Fake Ash
Pete's Tomato Red #3 Ron Roy's Licorice Tilton Matte Barium Blues
Currie-Reitz Blues Slate Col 1-3 Buttery Matte 244 KCM
Alkaline Blue Nickel Blue Zinc 70-30 Caramel Crystal Glaze #626
Fusion Frit 493 Grid Three Cubed + 1    
I learned a lot of what I know about glazes by following the procedures in Ian Curries two books. I was lucky enough to meet him at a workshop in Michigan before he passed away.
Revealing glazes was Ian's second book. It is an easier read than his first book called Stoneware glazes. I consider both of them essential reading if you want to learn about glazes. If you are only getting one at first, start with Revealing Glazes.