Clay Sea Lions

Kids love animals. Animal Planet is a television channel they watch and kids love creating animals as the subject matter for their art. In my school district, kids in third grade learn about the various geographic regions of the United States. By the time my son was in third grade, he had visited many of them, but this isn't the case for all kids. To help them gain a stronger understanding of how these geographic regions are different, in art class we create paintings of them and make clay sculptures of animals that are specific to certain regions. These clay sea lions are found on our Pacific coast.

One of the cute things about kids is that they love baby animals. So many times kids will ask if they can make a baby animal of the project we are creating. They make the babies so small sometimes that you can't even fit their name on it. I have to fire them on the backs of the moms, just so they don't get lost in the firing process.