Mummy Time Capsules

This lesson is the one project that every one of my students looks forward to creating in 6th grade. (It was also a huge favorite when I taught junior high.)

Kids learn about how the archaelogists Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb. We discuss how artifacts from ancient times tell us about the people who lived back then. As part of this project, kids create written artifacts about their life to be rolled up as scrolls and then sealed in the mummy. These written artifacts include a biographic poem, a survey about their likes and dislikes, letters from friends and parents, a drawing they have made and a letter to their future self. I never read any of the the artifacts they create for the inside of their mummy, that way the kids are writing from the heart and writing for themselves. I do tell them that "garbage in = garbage out" when they choose to open their mummy in the future, so it is important for them to create quality artifacts.