Clay Lions

This project provides an opportunity for kids to learn how to roll out a clay slab. The lion's head is made by rolling a clay slab and then cutting around a 3 inch by 5 inch cardboard template. The kids then add spheres and cylinders to make the facial features. Of course, their favorite part is when they use a garlic press to make the lion's mane.

I have one garlic press for each table and have the kids make several balls of clay before it is their turn to get the garlic press. That way, once they get it, they can quickly make a batch of hair to use and then pass it on to the next kid.

If the kids try to make the hair by just running one ball of clay through the garlic press, applying that to the sculpture and then loading the press again, they'll run out of class time. They need to make all of the hair at once so everyone gets a turn using the press and making the mane.