Mrs. McConkey who teaches 6th grade at my school has her students create a hands-on assignment about an animal that lives in the sea. The kids do research about the animal of their choosing, write about it and then make a model of it.

Lynn came to the art room and asked if she could borrow some clay to make a dolphin. I talked with her about how dolphins are often portrayed jumping out of the water and that she might want to keep that in mind as she created her model.

I was amazed when Lynn brought this beautiful dolphin into the art room. The part that I found so interesting was the tool she made to make her dolphin appear as though it is leaping. She built a cardboard arch to shape and bend her clay on. Then she used hot glue to mount this arch in a box so she could safely carry her dolphin to school. The eyes on this dolphin are a thoughtful touch too. Lynn used carriage bolts with some Sharpie marker circles for the pupils. Aside from how cute and well constructed the dolphin is, I am really impressed with how much creative thinking and planning Lynn put into this assignment. She's an amazing young artist.