Clay Bowls with glass additions

This assignment was a kid favorite. They think the glass on the bottom of the bowls is magical.

First the kids rolled slabs and slumped them into styrofoam Hefty bowls. Then the bowls were bisque fired.

On glazing day the kids dipped their bowls into our regular assortment of cone 6 glazes. The middle of each bowl where the glass would go was covered in paraffin wax that I brushed on. This was to keep the glaze from sticking to the bottom of the bowls.

I had several kids smashing Snapple glass bottles in cut off blue jeans that were tied at one end with string and held closed at the other end by the kid's hand. The crushed Snapple bottle glass was put into each bowl first. Then two or three colored glass beads or marbles were added to each bowl. Some kids brought in marbles from home. The most interesting bowls had blue or green marbles in them.

Once the glass was placed in the bowls they were fired to cone 6 in our electric kiln.