Angry Birds

Kids know Angry Birds, they love the game.

Over the past year I have been teaching my students how to look for and create the basic geometric forms when they sculpt.

I did not teach the kids how to make these Angry Birds.

I told them they were going to work on this assignment just like an artist would. I showed the kids reference images of Angry Birds on the television monitor in my classroom. Then I told them to use these references to guide the choices they make when they sculpt their bird.

When you are an artist, the box of paints or clay do not come with a set of directions on how to create art.

The process of creation starts with an idea or inspiration, followed by gathering resources and then is brought to fruition as the artist works using his or her brain to make decisions about the art work.

This is why kids love art, they get to make personal choices. Every class I introduced this lesson to applauded and cheered with excitement.